Coffer Box Page 1

Here I show hand-drawn pictures centering around the cast from the comics. They spend time together mostly during the holidays; so, come back every now and then to see what they're up to.

Block Flock Cover

Block Flock Cover (Sketch) 4/3/2023

Coffer Box Cover

Coffer Box Cover (Sketch) 4/3/2023

Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving Gathering 11/16/2023

As you can see, everyone has gathered for a royal feast that is currently in the middle of preparations.


One Christmas Night 12/10/2022

Cristmas is only a few nights away, they better make the most of it if they want to celebrate on time.

Midnight Lake

Midnight Lake 6/24/2024

Canni, Coffer, and Hamper are sitting on a rock, in the middle of a lake, watching the night sky. It's like they'er in another world, don't you think?'